Application and Fees for Residential Service

Residential Service Fees:

$75.00 refundable deposit
$20.00 non-refundable service fee

Please click on link below to download application for service.

After completing the application return it, along with a copy of a valid I.D., via fax, email or in person.

Service Application Form

Request to Terminate/ Turn-Off Water:

Customers can telephone, fax, email, or stop by the office to request to have the water service Terminated/Turned Off. We will need your name, account number, service address, account verification information, telephone number, date requested to close account, and a forwarding address to process your Request to Terminate. You may download the form by clicking here (input a link to download forms). If you are moving, please remember, you are responsible for all account charges until you notify Peoples Water Service Company to terminate/turn off your water account. Be sure to contact our office at 318-281-2160 for immediate service.

Service Disconnect Form