Application and Fees for Residential Service

Residential Service Fees:

$40.00 refundable deposit
$20.00 non-refundable service fee

Please click on link below to download application for service.

After completing the service application return it, along with a copy of a valid I.D, a copy of a valid property lease agreement and/or supporting document for property use, via fax, email or in person. Our staff will review information and begin the process for water service at the location requested. If any information is missing or additional information required our staff will contact you. Please be advised the amounts due must be paid to complete the application process.

Service Application Form

Request to Terminate/ Turn-Off Water:

Customers can telephone, fax, email, or stop by the office to request to have the water service Terminated/Turned Off. We will need your name, account number, service address, account verification information, telephone number, date requested to close account, and a forwarding address to process your Request to Terminate. If you are moving, please remember, you are responsible for all account charges until you notify Peoples Water Service Company to terminate/turn off your water account. Be sure to contact our office at (850) 455-8552 for immediate service.

Service Disconnect Form